About Us

Welcome to AL MISK BOUTIQUE,  a user-friendly website and mobile app interface (compatible IOS & android). We are the region's latest B2C online e-commerce company & the first platform to offer & promote businesses in fashion Products & Services together in one hub.

Our focus is Women, Men & kids apparel & accessories, in addition to exclusive service packages ranging from beauty clinics & saloons all the way to makeup artists. Our Ultimate aim is to be the region's leading platform in offering customized & exclusive Tourism & Entertainment packages in a multi range e-commerce platform.

AL MISK BOUTIQUE mainly targets the UAE & other GCC regions with other consumer markets.

Our goal is to offer an easy & comfortable shopping experience where buyers can shop at ease by purchasing everything they need in one place.

Our Mission

Our core mission is creating a marketplace & online community that gives the sense of belonging to something bigger, a re-engineered lifestyle & habit towards a digital future.


Our Vision

To breathe a new life into the world of fashion & style with a brand approach – Al MISK BOUTIQUE


Al MISK Platform is a solution to make it simple & comfortable to go online & digital.

Happy shopping!

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